Programmable 4 Stage Nitrous Controller, Data Logger and Digital Display all in one!











Featuring the MoTeC SDL - check out the base features

Nitrous Control - turn solenoids on based on timer, speed or other input to logger. Throttle position is used as an axis on the timer control in such a way that should the throttle be closed and reopened, a second programmable delay keeps all stages of Nitrous from coming on simultaneously causing tire spin and an aborted run. SDL turns Relays on based on user defined inputs.

Sensor Measurement Channels - (Stage 4) Engine RPM, Throttle Position, Air Temperature, Barometric Pressure, Relative Humidity, Water Grains, Front Wheelspeed, Driveshaft Speed, Transbrake or Clutch input, Actual Ignition advance, Lateral and Vertical G, Fuel Pressure, Oil Pressure, Air Fuel Left and Air Fuel Right, Battery Voltage, Display Temperature, Bottle Pressure Stage 1, Bottle Pressure Stage 2, Bottle Pressure Stage 3, Bottle Pressure Stage 4, Gear and the Timer.

Data Logging Capabilities - (Stage 2 -4) All above channels are logged at 200 times per second allowing 14.5 minutes of logging before being overwritten. Logging Start and Stop conditions are user definable or can be triggered externally if desired. Additional Channels can be logged as desired from 1 to 200 times per second.

Display Capabilities - Display can be adjusted as required using the SDL Manager software. Display can be customized to suit the users requirements. Backlit Display available on any kit - must be specified at time of ordering

Warning alarms - Customizable driver warning alarms display when a problem arises based on a sensor input. Base alarms are fuel pressure and oil pressure

Data Analysis Software - I2 or optional I2 Pro Analysis software.

Weight - .95 lbs.

Cost  See Table Below

Option/Description Stage 1 Basic Stage 2 Sportsman Stage 3 Semi-Pro Stage 4 Professional
4 Stage Nitrous Control


Yes Yes Yes
Customizable Digital Display Yes Yes Yes Yes
Backlight No No Yes Yes
Data Logging Option No Yes Yes Yes
Warning Alarms Yes Yes Yes Yes
Unterminated Wiring Harness Yes Yes No No
Mil-Spec Plug and Play Wiring Harness No No Yes Yes
Throttle Position Sensor Yes Yes Yes Yes
Transbrake/Clutch Input Yes Yes Yes Yes
Lateral and Vertical G Sensor Yes Yes Yes Yes
Engine RPM Measurement Yes Yes Yes Yes
Battery Voltage Measurement Yes Yes Yes Yes
Device Temperature Measurement Yes Yes Yes Yes
Fuel Pressure Sensor No Yes Yes Yes
Oil Pressure Sensor No Yes Yes Yes
Bottle Pressure Stage 1 No No Yes Yes
Bottle Pressure Stage 2 No No Yes Yes
Bottle Pressure Stage 3 No No Yes Yes
Bottle Pressure Stage 4 No No Yes Yes
Front Wheel Speed No Yes Yes Yes
Driveshaft Speed No No Yes Yes
Gear Detection No No Yes Yes
Air Fuel 1 No Yes Yes Yes
Air Fuel 2 No No Yes Yes
Actual Ignition Advance No No No Yes
Relative Humidity No No No Yes
Ambient Air Temperature No No No Yes
Barometric Pressure No No No Yes
Water Grains No No No Yes
Communications Interface Yes Yes Yes Yes
Extension Cable 36 foot No No Yes Yes
Timer Yes Yes Yes Yes
Total Price 2999.95 4799.95 7599.95 7999.95